Welcome To Health Worth

An explanatory digital journalism for the health industry.

Hey, lovely people, permit me to introduce you to Health Worth.

A publication of Zerimi Media, Health Worth is a weekly newsletter covering the trends, data & research side of Public and Global Health.

Through texts, maps, infographics and videos, Health Worth explains all the current events in the health industry.

From the update and data on the outbreak of priority diseases to Public Health Emergency of International Concerns (PHEIC) and general wellness, our goal in launching Health Worth is to create a sustainable way for resourceful information to the community of individuals whose health does worth a lot to them.

One of our products is Health Worth View (From A Medic’s Perspective); through this, we will be conducting snippets and long form interviews for major stakeholders and players in the health industry.

Soon, we will be introducing more of our resourceful products.

Let’s enjoy this ride and stay healthy, always.

Yours in Health,

‘Tope Ebenezer Adaramodu